We look forward to being able to assist you & your business Glenbrook-Village pledge is to provide you with an "easy
to use" web based business network to grow and enhance your business & community network. 

Through Glenbrook-Village site we hope to be able to assist you to leverage sales for your service or product on a
Business to Business and community residents basis.

Partner us so we become your passive internet business partner, we are building an internet platform that will be
layered to interact with your needs as your business grows. 

We are focused on generating sales for your business.

•   ADVERTISE & PROMOTE your business on GLENBROOK-VILLAGE book & pay for corporate advertisement
     get 2 years for the price of 1 years listing "introductory offer" available until 1st December 2013 
•   GLENBROOK-VILLAGE potentially is a “wealth generator” if your Business to Business transactions are
     conducted successfully.
•   SELL MORE PRODUCT or increase the efficiency of your business through the range of services provided by
•   EXCESS STOCK listed & promoted on Glenbrook-Village  conditions apply 
•   GOOGLE maps make it easy for everyone to “find” your business. 
•   PAID ADVERTISING targeted to specific end markets will increase sales.
•   SPOT ADS to PLATIMUM advertisements are available to leverage sales.
•   SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION and blogs and other tools are available at a nominal rate to enhance and
     generate sales.
•   MINI WEB SITES and advisory services are available to assist you and are (in most cases) available on line.
•   BUSINESS community networks & services will be progressively added over coming months to allow you to
     "drill down into more markets" more goodies are on the way. 
•   GLENBROOK VILLAGE is all about you and your business stay in touch and CONTACT US via
     info@glenbrook-village.com.au , we need you.

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